An Experienced Attorney Handling New Jersey Consumer Fraud and Lemon Law Cases

New Jersey law provides powerful remedies for consumers defrauded or harmed by unconscionable business practices.  Those practices that are eligible for consumer fraud relief include:

Misrepresentations in connection with the sale of goods or services,

"Bait and switch" schemes, which are means by which sellers advertise or offer one product or service and then use deceptive tactics to manipulate consumers into buying another,

Violations of detailed regulations governing home improvement contracts, and

A variety of other unconscionable business tactics.

The remedies include treble damages (three times your loss), plus reimbursement for attorneys' fees and most costs of litigation.  Additionally, if you are sued for payment under a consumer contract that is deemed to have violated the Consumer Fraud Act, you may be entitled to reimbursement of your attorneys' fees and costs of defense.

New Jersey also has comprehensive Lemon Law relief for consumers who have purchased a new or used vehicle with lingering defects that are not susceptible to repair.  If you have had your new or used car repaired multiple times for the same defect, you may be entitled to relief.  New Jersey's Lemon Law provides two paths to justice, one administrative path and one via a lawsuit.

To find out whether your purchase of goods or services may have constituted consumer fraud under New Jersey law or whether your new or used automobile may qualify as a lemon, submit your inquiry on the Contact Me form on this page or call me at the 201-452-4319 for a free consultation.

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