Since 1995 (1996 in New York), I have been handling a wide variety of civil litigation on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants alike.  My varied experience enables me to find creative litigation solutions for my clients, because I have accumulated the knowledge and expertise necessary to employ legal remedies and defenses from disparate areas of the law.  Whether your case implicates basic contract law, commercial law, tort law or any of a number of statutory remedies and provisions, there is an excellent chance that I possess the familiarity necessary to represent you effectively.

In the two-plus decades that I have been practicing, I have learned my way around the state courts in many counties in New Jersey and several in New York, as well as the federal courts in both states.  By my fifth year in practice, I had won appeals in state court and one before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals for the United States of America.  This means that wherever your case needs to be litigated in New Jersey or New York, I have the experience necessary to comfortably handle your claim or defense.

As a recipient of a Bachelor's Degree in Science in Economics from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, I am also supremely focused on the economics of any litigation, meaning that I can and will advise you not only as to your rights and remedies but also as to the most cost-effective way to handle your claim or defense.

Don't let anyone deceive you - justice depends upon the evidence more than any other factor.  However, successful litigation also requires effective strategy and implementation of the law, preparation and the ability to anticipate complications, weigh and minimize the risks and marshall the facts and arguments in your favor.  My years of experience have taught me that the best and happiest client is one who knows what he or she is getting into from the outset.

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