Experience, Integrity and Service


  • I have over two decades of experience litigating complex and simple civil matters in the state and federal courts of New Jersey and New York. (Please see Areas of Practice for details about what kinds of cases I handle.) I've also represented both plaintiffs and defendants
  • That experience allows me to anticipate the difficulties and complications that can arise in any civil matter and, just as importantly, to prepare you for them.


  • I don't give sales pitches. I don't exaggerate the good news, and I won't sugarcoat the bad news. You are entitled to and can always expect my unvarnished opinion.
  • Additionally, I will represent you or your business in a manner consistent with the moral values and ethical principles that you should expect from someone carrying your banner into court.


  • Clear explanations, attention to your needs and the flexibility to travel where you need to be or speak with you at times convenient to you.
  • Part of lawyer's job is to make the process and procedures clear and understandable to a client. You should never be confused or uncertain about what happens next each step of the way, and you should not be surprised by procedures that no one thought to explain in advance. I'll answer your questions in a manner that is both comprehensive and comprehensible.
  • I'll help you establish and work to achieve your goals in the litigation. It's your case, and it should be handled in a manner that meets your requirements.
  • I'll schedule calls after hours at your reasonable request and meet you at your place of business, home or any other convenient and private location. No waiting rooms and staring at your watch. And, as long as the travel is reasonable, I won't charge you for the time spent on the road for those consultations.

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